My Life

I'm 20 years old and living in Canada. This blog is mostly about things that I like. I have an amazing boyfriend, his name is Matthew <3 I would love to hear from all of my followers so drop by and say hi.


Omg thats kizza135’s dick wtf!?

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Besides my boyfriend ;P does anyone on here care if my blog gets shut down? Tumblr has been digging through my blog and deleting videos from who knows how long ago and this is the second email I have received in a short period of time. I might make a back up blog incase this one gets terminated. I’ll post it here if I see that some of my followers care, if not then I’ll make the back up and when the time comes then goodbye I guess.





Collecting these because no one understands their genius. They make me want to go to school.

my favorite one: That is Mahogany! 

The kilometer one wtf. The student was correct. Fuck you teachers /.____./

That Mahogany tho…expensive stuff. 


first of all who allowed me on the internet

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My wardrobe

20%:don't fit
50%:too ugly
10%:worn it too many times
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